A Series of Uncomfortable Silences

Adelaide is a quiet city. I have heard this assertion many times in the years I have lived here, and notice that it is both celebrated and hated for its quietness. It is perhaps the association of loudness with the impolite, the brash and the disruptive that are at play here: qualities all at odds with the tucked in propriety of this place. As I move around this city I notice unwritten rules of volume revealed as dogs bark, children cry and when I speak too loudly.

This work forms a part of an exploration that is led by sound and traverses uncomfortably quiet moments, places and histories. I am concerned with working locally and I undertake acts that contribute to the situations I observe. I have used audio recordings from places with uncomfortable histories or public spaces socially uncomfortable and physically threatening. 10 minute recordings from these places have been pressed to vinyl. Installed with a record player and headphones for one person listenership, the work traces relations between participating viewers, myself and the city.