conservatory was an art project by Sasha Grbich and Lisa Harms in association with the Tanks Art Centre and Cairns and Region Multicultural Association (CARMA).

The work  responded to the architecture and history of the Tanks Art Centre: originally a storehouse for oil during the Second World War. Starting from a conversation about border protection and expanding to encompass broad experiences of making home conservatory offered a poetic reflection on belonging. The artists, in residence for a month – with the assistance and support of CARMA – recorded conversations about what it means to make and defend a sense of “home”; during open recording sessions and on visits with immigrants, traditional owners, established farming families and travellers.

40 channels of sound (40 stories) were recorded and played back via the 40 poles in the space. A wall drawing unfolded the australian coastline into a flat horizon that circled the full 100 meters of the space’s circumference.

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