Small Measures (Auckland)

This video and sound work mixes performers, many from Auckland’s Oceanian choir, who find and voice a note in response to vulnerable environments. The work brings acts of listening and attentiveness into relationships with places. The resulting sound is reminiscent of protest, lullabies and laments, while the camera captures contested spaces under pressure at Auckland’s fringe. The work activates processes of tuning-up, or those acts where a person and instrument (here a person and an environment) start a negotiation and become attuned to the other.  Small Measures is an artwork with open points of completion, where new iterations of the work are released as new sung performances are contributed. The work was exhibited as part of exhibitions HEAT: Solar Revolutions at Te Uru, Auckland and Track at Adelaide Central Gallery.

Made with Ashley Kirkness, Manako Nemaia, Myra Faamausili, Samuel Nanai, Sam Verlinder, Liz Filimoemaka, Mana Maihia and Qiane Matata-Sipu. With special thanks to: SOUL (Save Our Unique Landscape Ihumatao), Forest and Bird, The Oceanian Choir, The Adelaide Central School of Art and the South Australian Government through Arts SA. The first iteration was presented in Vitalstatistix’s Climate Century, 2015.