Very Local Radio



Very Local Radio, developed with Heidi Angove, was presented twice in 2015, first for PLACELab (Curated by Paul Gazzola and Nadia Cusimano) and later for Performing Mobilities (Curated by David Cross).

Very Local Radio  is an Internet radio broadcast and live performance. This project explores ephemeral communities brought together through radio broadcasts and employs sound to navigate cities. Via journeying, listening and broadcasting, Very Local Radio foregrounds unpredictable performances with places encountered. The project looks like a portable Internet radio transmitter assembled in a shopping trolley pushed by the artists. Audiences access the work as an Internet radio station and tune into the unpredictable sound of movements through places.

During the Performing Mobilities program, four passages of movement were undertaken amongst the spaces between the RMIT Gallery and Margaret Lawrence Gallery, taking place at midday and midnight, sunrise and sunset. Whilst moving, interesting urban sound ecologies were actively sought out. The trolley broadcaster was used as a tool to explore, meet, and sometimes hand over the microphone to the community. Shared as a live sound broadcast, and generated by navigating on foot, the station was live only during the movements,

During PLACELab, from Saturday the 2nd till Saturday the 23rd May, 2015 Very Local Radio was live every saturday Morning and restricted movement to Ramsey Place at Colonnades Shopping Centre. This iteration of the project gave us the opportunity to enter the sociality of a very local community. Ramsey Place is a small area of paving, grass and seating, bounded on all sides by shopping and recreational facilities. The space is used by diverse groups including a local parkour group, retirees, young people and people experiencing homelessness.